Hi, I'm Cherisse, an award-winning Trinidadian-Canadian Creative/Art Director working in Advertising. I'm also a Photographer, Colorist and Writer who is deeply passionate about telling compelling, well-considered stories. Since 2007, I've worked in ad industry at creative agencies in Toronto, New York City / New Jersey and London, UK, and briefly lived in Rome and Amsterdam, where I contracted as a Creative Director and Reporter in the music festival space.

I hold a Bachelor of Design in Advertising with a focus on Art Direction with a minor in Psychology from OCAD University (BDes 2007). Over the years, I've delved into studies and specialized focus in UI/UX and Filmmaking, in order to enrich and better inform my creative / design process and output. To support this, I obtained Graduate Certificates in Digital Marketing (2023), Film Studies (2019) and Web Development (2009) from The School of Image Arts at Ryerson University. Throughout my career, I've brought this specialized breadth of knowledge to each of my projects.

To date, my clients have included major household brands such as TD Bank, The Globe & Mail, ING, Microsoft, Rogers and Nestlé in Canada; The PGA Tour, Virgin Media, Disaronno, British Telecom and Bwin Party in The UK; and Prudential Financial in The US, to name a few. At Prudential, my team was awarded for their work on the Everyday Bravery podcast, Day One Funds and 80-Year-Old Millennial campaigns, and was named FCS Marketer of the Year in 2016. In 2021, my team at TD Bank was named one of Strategy's top Canadian in-house agencies.

I love people. And I get brands. With an in-depth knowledge of the music, beauty, art, fashion, wellness, travel, finance, tech, retail and FMCG sectors, a precise eye for design, and a vast understanding of cultures (pop, online, living generations), and all things cool, I am relied on for helping brands develop smart user experiences, content and aesthetics to engage diverse audiences.

I'm an organized leader who gets excited about sharing my unique perspective. Detailed and curious, with a sharp sense of personal style, I find joy in creating daily, and sharing my craft, on and off the job. Beyond my work for established brands, I collaborate with developers to provide creative direction, strategy and design to startups and small businesses across Canada, The UK, US, Nigeria and The Caribbean. Wherever I go, I stay true to my passions, and build community around me. I find fulfillment encouraging young creatives to pursue careers in the arts, and provides portfolio reviews, talks and mentorship at post secondary schools and groups within the creative industry. Additionally, I aim to provide insight, motivation and education to underrepresented individuals who are passionate about art and design.

Outside of my work in advertising, I am a photographer with a vibrant style. Some of my lifestyle and portrait work are licensed by Getty, and work in my color grading has been featured by Adobe Lightroom.

I'm currently a free agent, available for remote projects with creative agencies across Canada, and clients across the World. Extroverted and friendly, I enjoy exploring cities by bike, traveling for concerts and festivals, music videos, films, sailing, night photography, self-development, good food, sci-fi, folklore, history, art and tech.

Top L-R: Night photography in NYC (2018), Presenting My Early Portfolio at Art Starts in Toronto (1999), Attending Tribeca Film Festival (2018), Ideating on a project for TD Bank Canada (2020) • Bottom L-R: Shooting a documentary on Toronto's Architecture during Film Studies at Ryerson University (2019), Photoshoot at LACMA (2015), Defiant Mindset (2019), Photoshoot in Brooklyn, NYC (2017)
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