Before we jump into my creative direction and design work for brands, large and small, I'd like to introduce myself, and share my perspective and passion for my creative process. 

I'm Cherisse– I've always been deeply intrigued by the world and human existence, and express myself in as many ways as I can through the creation of visuals, sound, movement and words. I also openly receive and understand the world through my appreciation and passion for art, and believe that using the gifts that we're given allows us to better love ourselves and others. Since childhood, I have defined my voice, my views, healed and grown time and time again through my creative process.

I'm naturally curious, and take great pride in what I produce. I'm focused, free-spirited and intentional about living a fulfilled life. One of my deepest passions is documenting fleeting thoughts and moments through creating visual mementos. 

Below is a small collection of my portrait, lifestyle, street photography and color grading work. My lens is defined by vibrance and richness in which I see the world and those who live in it. In all I create, whether through photography, design, writing, illustration or directing, I authentically share my view of what I find most captivating in the world. My photo work has been featured in the Adobe Lightroom Discover and LensCulture communities, exhibited in Toronto, and some (not shown here) are licensed by Getty Images.

Also, hello! That's me on the right (or directly below on mobile).



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